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The End of a Year, Marks the End of a Semester

Jinger Haberbush, Reporter

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First semester is closing to an end. All the fall sports have ended, and the new ones are starting up with practices, and forming this year’s teams. First semester has accomplished an excellent schedule including homecoming, sports, pep rallies, etc. It’s the brink of December, and everyone is starting to close in on assignments and concluding grades.

Finals are soon approaching, and it may be very stressful for many. It’s best to know to prepare for finals, and raise up your grades in hence before grades are final. There have been many outstanding events that the school has held, and it gained another successful semester of accomplishment. Finals should be spent seriously with studying, a well rest, and confidence. First semester has been very exciting over the past months of sports and activities relating with the school. It has driven people to have higher hopes for the upcoming semester, hoping to bring more memories and oppurtunities for our students and teachers.

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The End of a Year, Marks the End of a Semester