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Social media can become addicting; are YOU an addict?

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Social media can become addicting; are YOU an addict?

Sammy Hernandez, Reporter

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Social media can affect the way you think, and can cause you to have a different mindset. People need to use social medial five hours or less per day. Social media can get you distracted very easily and make you disconnect from the world. It can also damage eyesight and get you addicted.

Studies show that social media can make you less productive and more distracted.

Students use internet for homework but it also allows people to have access to other sites like facebook and twitter. On a teenager states “I find it sad that I can get more work done at eleven or twelve-thirty at night because that is when everyone else is asleep,” said Chris Brandy, 18, a senior at Cherry Hill high school west. When I use social media, I get extremely distracted and do not do my chores. I lose track of time.

Using social media can make you lose connection of the real world, and will waste your bonding time with family members and friends. My own family does not bond because .they are too busy on social media. Social media is very distracting and is tearing my family apart. When using social media I am in my own world and don’t want anyone trying to talk to me. I ignore my family and do not pay attention to them. There is a fear that technology is taking over family life with almost two thirds-percent- of parents admitting they need to make more effort for face-to-face time.

The danger of using social media can cause damage to your vision from the brightness of the screen. My eyesight has got worse these past two years because I stay up at night on social media. The brightness from my phone caused my eyesight to be forced and damaged my eyesight. “There are tiny muscles inside your eyeball that change the shape of your eye’s lens in order to bring whatever you’re seeing into focus,” Dunaief explains. After hours of sitting in front of your computer screen, those muscles become so fatigued that your eyes can no longer focus,” Dunaief adds. He says research has also shown that when reading or working online, people tend to blink less. That can lead to dry eyes, tearing, or a burning sensation, he says. I went from having perfect eyesight to extremely bad eyesight.

Most people use social media five or more hours per day. It’s very addicting and is easy to get access to. It makes you kill time. I kill time when using my phone for social media. I procrastinate when doing homework because I go on instagram instead. Jasmine Paton says social media networks are distracting students. She is a grad student of the bachelor business. She says “Social media is available for anyone at anytime. Students are religiously connecting themselves to it and are continuously signing in online to check their status.”

Studies show that over the past decade, society has witnessed massive changes in the way media and technology intersect with how we work and live. Common sense has shown over 1,200 parents and teens to find out how the saturation of mobile devices in family life is playing out in homes and child-parent relationships. In many areas of behavioral addiction, there has been debate about whether some excessive behaviors should even be considered as genuine addictions like video game playing, internet use, exercise and more. Social media is not a good way to spend your time. Use your time wisely and know your limits. Social media is a large part of our everyday lives. It helps connect long lost family member and old high school friends, but it has also became a big distraction. It has distracted many students from their school work and ability to accomplish tasks in a timely manner.


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Social media can become addicting; are YOU an addict?