LGBT Community has to deal with bullying, mostly online

Jillian Martinez, Reporter

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In the LGBT Community, many people are being judged at school, home, public areas, and online. In the community many kids become depressed because of bullying, many of them consider suicide. Plenty of kids all over the world are apart of the LGBT Community. While in their journey they are likely to be labeled and called names. Bullying is a huge problem in their lives, being called names can really affect their point of view on how they see themselves and how they see others.

At Colton High School, our rule is to NEVER bully. That’s our main rule because many of people have been bullied over the years and may get fall into a deep depression, suicidal thoughts, etc. Almost every kid in the LGBT community has, or had depression. Bullying can affect a person’s family, and friends. An LGBT kid, or adult have a lot to worry about already, nobody should have to go through bullying, have anxiety, and be called bad words because of the gender or the person they identify as. cyberbullying can affect a lot of people, because people are always on the internet and are always on their phones. If a person is being bullied, tell a teacher, parent, or a counselor because everyone in the world has to go through something and seeing someone being bullied is very harsh and sad. Speak up, you could save a life.

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