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Cats or Dogs? Which pet would you prefer?

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Cats or Dogs? Which pet would you prefer?

Brian Navarro, Reporter

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A very controversial question, which everyone has there opinion on. So, Cats or Dogs? which do you prefer? This has been an ongoing discussion throughout the years of their existence

Some people prefer dogs because they are generally more outgoing and they behold a lot more enthusiasm. Dogs have always been man’s best friend for decades. Dogs have been and are considered the most loyal to human nature. They are smart, cute, lovable and they come in all shapes and size. A dog is far more playful and you can take it out in far more activities than a cat. Dogs are very high maintenance and require a large amount of attention.

Sometimes a more mellow pet is the preferred version for a person. Cats, are lovable and they’re fluffy and they to come in all shapes and sizes. Cats are more self-governed as they abide by their own cleanliness. Cats are filled with personality, you just have to give them a chance. Very few people lack the experience of having a pet cat.

At the end of the day, it all falls on you the consumer and what you prefer regarding a pet and a best friend that will never let you down.

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Cats or Dogs? Which pet would you prefer?