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Tick…tick…tick…..are we running out of time?

Torriana Perry, Reporter

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The world today makes us feel like we are running out of time. It seems as if there is a large clock looming over us causing us to jump at each tick. Life has always been short but the world today has us shaking our fists at the unfairness of our belief that we only have so many more months, weeks, or days to do the things we always yearned to do. It can be something so small and personal or it can be as big as solving world hunger, which affects people on a large scale.

The world today is a compelling force that convinces people that we must dress the same, act the same, and think the same to be accepted into society. It causes us to lose our identity and abandon the pride we are born with as individuals. The world today is a video or a picture that allows us a look into someone’s life, and enables judgement for that little bit we see. The world today is selfish. We kill animals, plants, and even other people if that means that we will survive another day. The world today is consumed by the media, we are losing our communication skills and reverting back into simple people. We base our worth on the number of followers we have or how many likes we get in a picture.

There is a good thing about the world today and it is that we have access to great technology in which we can do amazing things. We can learn how to get back into the good habits we have as human beings and even connect with others across the globe. The world today has its downsides but through the use of technology, we can better ourselves and thrive together as a human race.

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Tick…tick…tick…..are we running out of time?