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Is America on the brink of World War III?

Savannah Dunn, Reporter

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North Korea and America have had a feud going on since the cold war back in 1947. The cold war is the tension that was built up after World War II. To this day the issues have been unsolved and North Korea gives unfulfilled nuclear attack threats to America. Recently Our latest president; Donald Trump has made the tensions between America and North Korea worse. When our former president was in Office he put off the problems with North Korea, so if you were young enough like i was, you wouldn’t have even known that North Korea wanted to launch missiles and kill off America.

On August 29,2017 North Korea launched two missiles that traveled roughly 250 kilometers (155.343 miles), coming in the northeastern area. One off the missiles launched but exploded right after, the other was successful and flew over Japan but landed in the northern pacific ocean. That had been the first missile to fly over Japan since back in 2009.

I believe that the tensions between North Korea and America should end because if all ends bad, most people on earth are screwed.  Back during the cold war if we had started launching missiles at each other, those missiles would have been strong enough to wipe out everyone on earth. That was back in 1947-1991, so if we started launching missiles now they could be more efficient and do much more damage to earth than ever before. Just because our two countries have unsolved issues doesn’t mean we have to start a war that is strong enough to kill off every single human being and animal living on this earth.

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Is America on the brink of World War III?