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Jinger Haberbush, Reporter

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There are many activities to do at your high school. There are many clubs and many sports to do, which would get you involved with school. There are lots of activities that you can be interested in, and can join. Many students just go to school, get through the eight hours of classes, and then go home right after. But, joining a club or sport at school can be a great advantage for you. You can also get a new perspective on people, hobbies, etc.

Many students get involved with the most known sports at Colton High such as football, volleyball, etc. When you get involved with school, it can have lots of advantages to your school life and personal life. If you get involved in a sport, you can learn new things about yourself. It can become a relief for you, it can make you notice how much you are capable of, and a lot more. If you have a strong passion for the sport, you may also decide to turn it into a career. In sports, you form a second family due to spending so much time together, and celebrating wins and comforting losses.

Joining clubs can also develop very useful skills such as deeper communication, organization, management, and much more other skills. You can also create new friendships, have fun, and build a better community for the school. You may also create a new perspective whether it is from yourself, from a subject, from a certain person, etc. In clubs, you can get into other parts of the community of the city, and meet new people along the way and also can use the clubs upon your resume and grow your experiences.

If you want to proceed one of the activities you’ve joined into a career, it can be used as experience towards that interest. It will show you if you’d like it as a lifestyle, or just a simple hobby. Also, it can take your mind off of things, giving you a break to relax and think. It can also be an escape from personal issues, and academic work. At times, it is necessary to give your mind a break, to get a fresh rest, so you can do your very best at academic work and personal outcomes. When you get involved with school, it can build your resume for jobs and colleges, showing what your interests are and create the best career choice for you.

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