“Mooze” explains the prom experience for both genders

Adriana Flores, Reporter

“What’s the difference all we do is chill then, get ready and leave,” senior Ricardo Flores states. With a quick side look, senior girlfriend, Monica Rivas soon shuts him down, “No that’s what the guys may do but, for girls the day of prom is an all day thing, getting up early, hours of getting ready for the guy… for our big night.”

One couple out of the many at CHS, Ricardo Flores, who many know as Booze, and Monica Rivas, with the couple name of “Mooze”. They describe and agree that, “Prom is really the highlight of your senior year.” Standing in the hallway of the 300 wing, “It’s the week before…” interrupting Flores squeezes Rivas’ bare face with the complement of, “God you’re so gorgeous, I love it when you don’t wear makeup,”. Rivas blushes a little smile at the ground and continues, “…It’s the week before prom and honestly we were ready like three months ago.”. While Booze has his hand underneath her chin and locks eyes with her, they smile out of love and he adds, “It’s better to be ready ahead of time for big events like this, because I want my girl to feel like the queen she is on the night of prom.”

With, ‘why do you think girls are expected to look good at prom,’ Flores quickly answers, short and simple but, to the point. “To show off, to show off how good they could look, to make them feel good about their body; but my baby always looks good,” stepping to the side and moving his hands in the air up and down in Monica’s direction, “so I can’t wait to see her on the night of prom because, we are both going to pull up looking fresh and fly.”

Many have wondered, Guys usually have the pressure to ask a girl out, why not the other way around; and today Rivas is here to help stop your curiosity. “Because prom is the girl’s night, the guy doesn’t really care for it. Half the guys are only there because, they have girlfriends. Also because the way of how the girl gets asked out to prom will stay with her throughout her life because, that’s how special it is to the girl.”

On the day of prom, that’s where the difference comes in for getting ready for their big night; besides shopping months before for a dress and heels and a couple weeks before to rent a tuxedo with shoes, making a nails and toes appointment, to both having a hair appointment. “My day is gonna be really simple, at 10 in the morning I have a haircut appointment then after I’m just going the chill until my queen is ready.” On the other hand, “I have a hair appointment at 11 in the morning soon after that i’m going to get my nails done, then my makeup and all that should leave me just enough time to go home and put my dress on, and to be able to take some pictures with my lovely date.”

As “Mooze” ends the interview about prom differences and the couple go their separate ways to class, we learn that the one similarity for this big event is that both genders still want to go all out to look good for their date, no matter how long they’ve been interested in each other.