Regals “new standards” turn away movie goers

Isaac Trujillo, Reporter

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Regal Movie Theaters has released a “New Standard” that prohibits any children under 7 from viewing an R rated movie at their establishment. While it may be a good idea to keep young audiences from viewing certain films, the new regulation has garnered criticism from regular movie goers.

Many younger viewers are fans of Marvel, but due to the rating of the new Marvel movie “Logan”, many of these young movie fanatics would be unable to see it. If you planned to go to a Regal with a child to see movies like “Logan,” you would just be wasting gas. This new standard isn’t even listed on the company’s site. So if you expect to see any movie rated R, take warning if you want to take a sibling or child. Regal also has the listing of ratings from G to Nc-17, stating to think before taking your child. Essentially if your parents consent for the child to watch, the child should be allowed, but their new standard contradicts the list of caution labels listed at the establishment.

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