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What America is to me

Desiree Luna, Reporter

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What is America to me?

America is a joke, a lie, and nothing as it seems.

America was fought for freedom from the king, of religion, of tax; but yet we’re still living the same. We are nothing but a number to the government, a dollar sign. Today we think the president will make sure we’re taken care of, but the president’s only role in the government is his title. The president has no rights as well, just money. The government says we have the right to vote, and sure we do, but does our right even count?

This year of 2016 America had one of the toughest decisions of presidential candidates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. But the truth is that the government knew exactly what they were doing choosing the president which they could manipulate┬áthe most–the president who wasn’t the smartest. The United States voted for Hillary but the government voted for Trump. The game is all rigged. No one has any rights in America that the government hasn’t already approved.

The government controls us and doesn’t care about anyone but their money. The white rich men who really control America laugh at us and our attempts to change anything in the United states, they will always have the last word.

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Keeping Colton High School informed and entertained since 1917
What America is to me