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Freshmen check in with deep thoughts

Jazmine Trujillo, Reporter

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It is already the second quarter in high school for us freshman. How should we feel?

Freshman Leondro Velarde says that the only difference is that there is a lot more people and it’s extremely big compared to middle school.

We came from having only 60 classrooms to having over a hundred classrooms. We used to think that us finding our classes in middle school was hard to now feeling in your stomach churning and start thinking, “Oh crap. I’m totally going to be lost today.”

I am a freshman here in Colton High School and I know this because I experienced this feeling and thinking this, because on my first day I didn’t know where anything was. I had a class that was in 504 and I went to the classroom 540 and boy was I red when I couldn’t find it. Then once I went to the correct class room I came to found out that my schedule was messed up and i had to got to room 305. This all happened on the first day of school, and my mind was everywhere.  

But these are one of many emotions that happen. Some people may have found their classes on the first day. Some may panicked like I did. So i asked a few other freshman like my twin sister, Alexandria Trujillo, she said in her case, “it was hard at first and I was scared only a little but I did find my classes. On entering high school I was really nervous because I didn’t know what my teachers will be like because, you know it’s high school and it’s serious, but the funny thing is the first thing  I thought was ‘this is going to be nothing like high school musical.’”

Cut us freshman some slack, because these are our thoughts.


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Keeping Colton High School informed and entertained since 1917
Freshmen check in with deep thoughts