Are we headed for Armageddon?

Isaac Trujillo, Reporter

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Lately there has been a lot of rumors of what will be of our generation. With this election everyone feels uncomfortable voting for what is to be our next president, and how they might be in office. Truly we as Americans aren’t very civil when it comes to what we don’t like; we take a more violent approach to things.

Although we aren’t very civil on many matters at hands, there is another country that is worse than us. Regardless we have corrupt politicians and a possibly corrupt government, we still have many elections with a widely diverse set of people going to run for president–while Russia has had the same person running their country for 16 years.

Understandable; we have tempted most of this world to despise us for our government alone, due to unexpected wars and other other attacks on different countries. The U.S. has had many enemies in the past, but Russia has been the biggest. During the cold war, there were only civil acts of resentment towards each other, now Russia has a voice; against any American backed movements. In Aleppo, Russians subtly yet intentionally attacked American backed-ISIS rebellions.

With all these attacks at hand, just as recent as two weeks ago a Russian fighter jet almost crashed into an American fighter jet. The media announced that the Russian pilot had no idea that this incident had occurred, yet throughout all the available air space he “accidently” almost crash into the only other moving thing in the sky. So, my simple question to this pilot is how was he unaware of the situation. Many conspirators had theorized that Vladimir Putin had gave orders to subtly graze the fighter jet.

With all these subtle attacks that although were not well out in the open could have been fatal. Yet, along with the election happening, this could be the worse timing for a war. This may be an open play for the Russians to start a war. Although the U.S. is a primary target russians have been causing great stress and threats to other countries. Lithuania has taken precautionary actions, along with 7 other countries. So, this might be a subtle way to start another world war.

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