Newsom signs executive order for new cars to be zero emission in California.

Jacob Arias, Reporter

    With the world progressing with advances day by day, we soon start to adapt to these advances. We soon have to start becoming familiar and comfortable with these new changes in our society so that future generations can carry it on also. But, we also need to take in the fact that we live on a planet that can only provide so many resources to us that inhabit until we dry it out. So, we should progress more into the future but still keep our beloved Earth beautiful. 

    A good first step to keep our Earth is to use less emissions, and California is passing a law which will help that cause. On September 23rd, 2020 in Sacramento, CA, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order, which requires all new passenger vehicles sold in the state to be zero emission by 2035. It will also ban the sale of new gasoline powered cars. This new executive order will not ban Californians from owning or selling gasoline powered cars onto the used vehicle market.

    This new executive order will be revolutionary to the state of California, as it battles the current effects of climate change. It will also help save the environment of California and possibly around the world. “We can do it. I mean, the reality is we’re already doing it. Thirty-four percent of our electricity comes from renewable places. We have over 50% of all the electricity produced and procured in California from non-carbon sources. We have a plan. We have a strategy.” Says Newsom in an interview about the executive order. 

    Hopefully other states follow this path upon going all electric, because in the end, it will help out the citizens, the country, and the planet Earth itself.