2020 Planet Conjunction

Jesus Bojorquez

Before December ends there will be a great conjunction. A conjunction is when two planets get close to each other, Saturn and Jupiter will be one fifth degree from each other. Throughout this summer and fall the planets are getting attention. 


    They are moving closer to each other and the planets should be close to each other by december 21st. The planet Jupiter and Saturn will get close to each other; they are only gonna be 1 degree away from each other. This fall the planets will start getting close. 


    The last time we had a great conjunction was back in 2000 may 31 and we are having another one late december 2020. And they have said there should be another one by 2080. If you have a telescope you can see the planets moving closer to each other. 


     They have said this is the closest the planets are gonna get and that this conjunction is gonna be the best one so far.