Loss of Forests

Luis Galvan, Reporter

According to “US cities are losing 36 million trees a year. Here’s why it matters and how you can stop it” by Amy Chillag from CNN.  There are many reasons why you should care about the deforestation that has been growing for years. One of them are the summer’s record-breaking heat waves that happen almost every year now.  The study placed a value on tree loss based on trees’ role in air pollution removal, energy conservation, and with more of them gone, the more air pollution we get.  Trees absorb carbon and remove pollutants from the atmosphere.  Trees act as water filters, taking in dirty surface water and absorbing nitrogen and phosphorus into the soil.


There are lots of bad things that can happen from deforestation and no good that can come from it.  I hope that people will start to listen to scientists from now on.  No matter how many times scientists say that deforestation is bad, many people still don’t believe them because they’re too incompetent to listen to people who are smarter than them.