Trump Banning TikTok?

Mark Rey, Reporter

    The app TikTok has been on Trump’s radar for quite some time now due to the app being surrounded by many controversial topics, including some on Trump himself. Trump is a widely disliked man and he is one of the most controversial people on this earth. With TikTok being an app that allows all opinions to be heard, it has made a lot of bashes against Trump. This is only one reason why the app is most likely going to be banned. The biggest reason why the app is potentially going to be banned is because the app is owned by Chinese app giants “ByteDance” and “WeChat”. With TikTok being owned under the Chinese, Trump sees it as a security threat toward our country. The app collects personal data off it’s users, so this info can be used by the Chinese government against us. 

    The app will most likely be bought by another company, so I don’t believe that it will be banned at all. In the past, Trump has made statements about the app and how he was going to ban it completely on August 1st but he didn’t go through with his promise. So, I believe he is bluffing and he won’t pursue a ban even if the app doesn’t get bought. Either way I think the United States has bigger problems than a free app that allows people to spread their creativity and opinion.