Gender Reveal Fire

Mark Rey, Reporter

    Wildfires have been a major issue around the world ever since global warming became a renowned problem. California, Oregon, Washington and other neighboring states have all been suffering from these deadly fires within the last 5 months. Each day there are approximately 16 thousand fires a day and it’s not stopping for anything or anyone.

    Usually, these fires would start due to lightning strikes and spread from there. But recently, a couple having a gender reveal party has led to the start of a wildfire burning thousands and thousands of acres of land. The couple used a smoke generating pyrotechnic device and it hit brush, causing the fire to start. The fire is located in El Dorado Ranch Park in Yucaipa, California. The fire has since been 20% contained.

    These fires are nothing to joke around with and they are extremely hard to contain with the technology we have now. It takes months for these fires to be completely contained so for this to happen because of a gender reveal party is honestly unacceptable. Do I think the couple should have consequences for their actions? Yes,  personally I think they should be held accountable. However, do I think they deserve time in prison like many people have suggested? No I do not, but something needs to happen and they need to be held accountable.