Essential Workers Exposed

Brian Figueroa, Reporter

                      The corona virus is a new pandemic that is affecting the world today all over but we have been getting a lot of news. The CDC which is the centers for disease control made an announcement saying essential workers who have been exposed to COVID-19 to get back to work if they do not have symptoms of the coronavirus. The new guidelines are being issued as the nation mourns about 15000 deaths from the virus and grapples with a devastated economy and medical crises from coast to coast. The numbers are changing and they are changing rapidly and soon we’ll be over that curve. We will be over the top and we will be headed in the right direction. I feel strongly about what Trump said about the coronavirus. At some point he said at his daily briefing, social distancing guidelines will disappear and people will be able to sit together at sports events. Trump also said the White House task force was trying to dovetail public health concerns with practical steps that need to be in place when the 30 day guidelines end at the end of the month so the nation can “safely and carefully march toward some sort of normality. If by fall things start to return to normal Americans will still need to wash their hands frequently sick children should be kept home and people with fevers need to refrain from going to work Fauci said during an online interview Wednesday with the editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association. CDC said for essential workers to under the new guidelines for essential workers the CDC recommends that exposed employees take their temperatures before their shifts wear face masks and practice social distancing at work. They also are advised to stay home if they are ill not share headsets or other objects used near the face and refrain from congregating in crowded break rooms. So in this time of crisis it is better just to stay at home then getting people sick at work and fro essential workers to be safe at work.