Impeachment Process


Alejandro Bravo, Reporter

The impeachment headlines seems to have been on the news for the longest time now. At first when they impeached President Donald Trump, everyone on the social media platforms went crazy saying that he was going out of office. But that is not the case as of yet. In order for President Trump to get out of office he has to go through a senate trial, this is where they determine if what he did was enough of an offense in order to get him fully impeached and out of the presidential seat. According to CNN, two republican senators Lisa Murkowski and Lamar Alexander decided to vote against bringing more witnesses to the impeachment trial. This resulted in a very tight and close tally of 51 people voting against and 49 people for this to happen. This causes the democratic side to have more trouble presenting their evidence and making their statement that President Trump should be fully impeached. This is now causing CNN to say that, “Trump has faced impeachment and also survived it.” Now this only leaves Donald Trump the only way he ends his presidency is if he loses at the ballot box. With the democrats not being able to have anymore witnesses on the trial, this means no one will be able to hear from John Bolton. John Bolton is the former national security advisor and the person believed to have helped Trump in pressuring his campaign on Ukraine back in May of last year. This would have been very crucial evidence in helping the democratic side build their side in this impeachment trial. President Trump is the third president in the history of the United States to ever face impeachment. According to CNN, this leaves Trump to have “changed the balance of power in the United States.” Balance of Power limits the amount of power or authority an official or branch has within the government. This allows people to not abuse the amount of power one has and does not allow one to gain too much control. This impeachment is not over yet and there is more to come in order for it to be over.