Death of Dr. Li Wenliang

Giovanni Gonsalez, Reporter

Dr. Li Wenliang, who was one of the first people that discovered this outbreak virus known as the coronavirus. Dr. Li Wenlieng was diagnosed with the coronavirus after being exposed when he discovered the disease. At first the doctor was arrested for spreading the so called rumor about the coronavirus.The docter first sent a warning of this virus on social media, later on the chinese government tried to discard the emergency. Li passed away early Friday in Wuhan, China in the center of the epidemic. Dr. Li Wenlieng had a wife and daughter. China is now the center of an epidemic that can go down in history as another plague.Wuhan government has issued for the whole country to go under quarantine. The remarkable and terrifying virus has now infected over 28,200 people globally and has killed over 500 people. Hours after that the media received news that Dr. Li was in very critical condition, the hospital had received numerous comments nearly over 500,00 comments on its social media post. Most of those comments were grief and uplifting such as one comment had stated “We are not going to bed, we are here waiting for a miracle”. Earlier that week of the tragic death of Dr Li the New York Times released a message of an online group chat. The messages include details and warning of the outbreak with several colleagues of Dr. Li. Health officials of Wuhan, China had summoned the doctor in the middle of the night and wanted an explanation on why he shared information about this crisis and authorities say police forced him to sign a paper admitting to participating in illegal behavior. A new born in Wuhan, China became the youngest child in the world to become diagnosed with this virus. Nearly 37 hours after the child’s birth it was determined that the child had become infected, but it is still unclear how this child was infected. Dr. Li was an honorable and respected doctor noticed in many eyes the death of this hero will alway be remembered.