Wisconsin School Shooting

Mark Rey, Reporter

              A school shooting leaving one school official and one student injured. Another devastating shooting happened at Oshkosh School located in Wisconsin. This shooting marks the 46th school shooting to happen this year and the estimated 292th since 2009. The shooting happened around 9:00am and lasted for an estimated 28 minutes before the shooter was in custody later at his house with the gun he used to carry out his mission. The boy was 15 teen years old although his personal information hasn’t been officially released yet leaving many people thinking and wondering who this shooting could be. The police officer who shot the shooter, Officer Buamann said he ran into a classroom and located the shooter and shot him in the leg and arm leaving the suspect injured but still able to walk away. After looking at the gun the suspect dropped at the scene it was later announced that the gun was a fake. The gun ended up being a replica pellet gun which is not fatal as real guns. After searching the shooters house it was also found out that he had another pellet gun in his room unknown to his parents. The reason the student choose to carry out his acts are because he was having an altercation with another student and he got mad and pointed the gun at the student’s head and threatened to kill him. No further details were given on the shooter’s motive but it is more than enough to punish him.

This whole issue on school shootings needs to stop now. I believe this issue shouldn’t be as big as it is now. There are various ways to stop or at least reduce this issue. Some of those being metal detectors at all entrances of the school. Cameras at every angle possible instead of the main offices. Also better security weapons such as batons, rubber bullet ammo guns, and tasers. Just this solution would stop i believe over half a school shooting. This is only one solution. There are many more ways to stop these horrifying crimes from happening.