Steve Jobs

Larry Cruz, Reporter

Steve Jobs a billionaire,An engineer, An inventor, A husband. All of this in one man. Bill gates is easily considered as one of the most famous humans in this world. Just imagine the fame that the  multi billion dollar company apple has behind it. It all started back in Millions if not billions of users and it’s all because of this very man. Let’s go back to one of the first revolutionary inventions. #1. The mackintosh desktop computer. This was the starting point for apple. It wasn’t exactly the starting or first invention, but it was an invention that got them there fame. There reconizibilty from the people. Steve can’t take all of the credit though because it wasn’t just him that invented it but he did have a major part in it. Anyways, unlike any computer at that time, the macintosh had a screen on the inside, it was also the first computer to have a mouse with a pointing icon that you could use to click icons on the screen! That might not sound like much now but back then it was an extraordinary invention.  There was nothing that compared to the macintosh back then. Nothing. It also was the first computer to have a graphical user interface. Macintosh models were way more expensive than similar models though. This caused problems for apple. After a few years, apple had to discontinue selling it. This was only the first invention that made steve jobs and apple blow up. Surprisingly, Steve Jobs wasn’t the founder of apple! I bet a fat 95/100 reading this had in there mind that steve jobs invented apple! That is a very common misconception! Anyways, he also played an absolutely huge job in apple’s current success. He actually saved Apple from bankruptcy when they were on the verge. On the verge of bankruptcy! He saved them! That is something that can not be repaid. He also invented the iphone in 2007 along with 29 others. Sadly though, Steve Jobs died the 5th of October, 2011. He did incredible things that no other could have done for apple. A truly incredible man.