Saudi Arabia gets attacked by oil

Mark Rey, Reporter

On September 14, around 3:30am, the Saudia Arabia Oil facility was attacked and caught on fire due to a drone attack. A missile drone attack on one of Saudia Arabia’s oil facilities had a lot of attention, including the United States. About 12 controlled missiles were allegedly programed to strike the most important part of the whole factory. The first people that popped in the minds of the Saudian Arabian’s of who did the attack was Iran. After Iran heard about the rumors, they immediately denied doing the attacks. The Yemen’s Iranian Allied Houthi Rebels stood up and said they did the attack, But Analysts say that the drone missiles wouldn’t have reached that distance from Yemen to the oil facility. So who really did this attack? Did the Yemen Rebels actually do this attack and just had inside people to get closer to the oil facility and launched the missiles to where they are close enough to reach? Or did Iran do it and they are just lying and trying to cover everything up?

After hearing this story I was surprised as to why this happened. All the reports ive read did not state the motive or reason behind the attack. The United States doesn’t have any problems with either the Yemen Rebels or Iran, So the attacks have to be because of some not so desirable situations between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Some rumors and articles say that the Iranians and Saudia Arabians are secretly going to war, Or even worse, planning to make a move on the United States or even the Russians If Saudia Arabia and Iran go to war with eachother i can be bad. If the war actually happens then the United States can get involved as well. If Iran gets attacked they don’t know who did it, they will immediately point fingers at the US. This is because the US is one of Iran’s worst enemies, if not the worst enemy. So, they will engage on the US in reality it could be Saudi Arabia. So the only thing we can do right now is wait.