Earth’s climate is in trouble

Nadia Perez, Reporter


Earth’s climate is changing. The climate on earth is getting warmer. Whats climate change you may ask, well it is when it affects weather patterns all across the world. According to The New York Times Upfront the blame is the activities that we are doing. Some things that are causing the change are cars, factories, and power plants and the fossil fuels that we use. Some fossil fuels are coal, oil, and natural gas. These are some things that are deep in the earth. When those things burns the gas gets stuck into the earth’s atmosphere and traps heat inside. The greenhouse effect is what it is called. This is what is causing the earth’s temperature to rise. The effects of climate change is earth’s massive heat waves, hurricanes, wildfires, snowstorms and flooding. Reasons why this effects us is because the hotter it gets then the harder it is to grow food. Since the floodings and the sea levels rising it causes people to evacuate from their homes. To prevent even more changes scientists say we need to make a lot of changes to the way we live. Things people are doing to help out are driving their cars less and taking bikes and using public transportation. There are more ways that we can prevent climate change which is wasting less water like taking shorter showers, or you can use less electricity. Another way is to drive electric cars because they cause less pollution in the air. The little things that we don’t think would affect the earth actually do. Those are just a couple ways to prevent but there are tons of others. So before things start to get out of control with the earths climate then we should start making changes. We need to make them now. We could take public transportation or we could ride our bikes or walk. Those are the things that we could do now. They may not seem as big but they will help make a big change. This is what is happening to our earth and if we want to see a future then we need the changes to happen now.