California Wildfires

Bianca Roman, Reporter

The state of California continues to burn. The wildfires in California seem to become worse and worse every year that passes. This past October there has been countless of wildfires reported. The wildfires have become so bad that the electricity company PG&E has had to shut down a heavy amount of their power lines this past month due to how dangerous the wildfires have been and if there happens to be strong winds in that area where their power lines are located. This past week they shut down the power in the Bay Area and left many people without electricity.  The residents of the Bay Area had to prepare for the power shut off, by making sure they have enough food, water, gasoline, ice,cash, and emergency kits. People are now more prepared than when the first time the power was cut off. The first time PG&E cut off their power people wiped out stores completely and quickly ran out of supplies. They mentioned that this time people had them before had and made sure to have plenty. Some areas near Los Angeles have also had power shortages since most of the fires are near that area. Last Monday, the most recent fire near the Los Angeles area was the Getty Fire and it nearly covered hundreds of acres and set fire to around 8 homes. Today the massive fire out of all of them, Kincade fire is still occurring and has been reported to have been for eleven day now. The Kincade fire is located up north and burned almost 78,000 acres already. This morning they reported that the fire is almost fully contained, due to the winds calming down. When it was still very dangerous they had 180,000 people educate their homes but this Sunday they let people return back into their homes, but unfortunately some people return to their homes destroyed by the fire. It has been reported that the fire destroyed 174 homes and 200 buildings were also destroyed. Another fire that is still occurring is the Maria Fire in Southern California. This fire began Thursday and burned up 9,400 acres the same evening that it began. An update that the fire was being also contained was given this morning.