Attack on float for current president

Cole Marullo, Reporter

Baby Trump Float gets slashed at a Football game in Alabama, The baby Trump balloon is 20 feet tall and 13 feet wide when fully inflated, it was set up at a park for a protest at Monnish Park. The baby Trump float got slashed by a 32 year old man who was arrested after police said they saw him slash the balloon and then try to run away from the scene. The man’s name was Hoyt Hunchinson who was charged with first degree criminal mischief for attempting and successfully slashing the baby Trump Balloon at the protest happening at Monnish Park.  The police said and was taken into custody and was sent to Tuscaloosa County Jail with a posted ail of $2,500 bond. 

Mr. Hutchinson also made a Go Fund Me to try and raise some money to pay off the legal fees that he has to pay off for slashing. “I am going down here to make a scene, so y’all watch the news,” Mr. Hutchinson said in a Facebook Live video before the game. As of now there hasn’t been any comments from Mr. Hutchinson yet. For now Mr. Hutchinson has gotten a lot of hate and love for what he did and some people going to the point of saying that he was trying to protect the president from the embarrassment of seeing the quote from the Stadium. But other people have also said that he destroyed private property and that it was a criminal act against the protestors at the park during the rally.

The Baby trump balloon was set up in the first place cause President Trump was attending a Football game a mile away from the scene at Bryant Denny Stadium to watch the University of Alabama and Louisiana State university face off. The Balloon was placed at the rally to hope that President Trump would see it from the FootBall game a mile away at Bryant Denny Stadium. As of now no comments have been made by president Trump on the matter as well.