Deadly fire leaves thirty-four dead

Bianca Roman, Reporter

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A deadly fire started while being surrounded by Californian waters. Earlier this week, on the second of August, a boat near the coast of Santa Cruz Island was reported to be on fire. The 75-foot-long boat is used normally for people who want to go diving. This boat is owned by a company known as Truth Aquatics. It’s set out on a tour that began on Saturday and was supposed to return on Monday. The tour consisted of scuba diving trips and lectures about nature. The boat had thirty-nine passengers that were all on the weekend tour. Early in the morning, around 3:30 a.m., the Coastal Guards got a call about the boat being in flames. 

The fire on the boat has been believed to have started on the second floor, below the deck. Authorities, like the FBI, are still investigating what truly could have caused the tragic fire on the boat. Some ideas that they have come up with so far are that the batteries in underwater cameras malfunctioned while being charged and caused a small flame at first, or it might have to be with the diving oxygen tanks that were being used for the tour. 

Investigators also think that any evidence that might help is 60 feet at the bottom of the ocean or it was swept away by the oceans current or somewhere out in the massive ocean. Due to this very tragic fire, thirty-four people sadly passed away. It is said that all those who died might have most likely been in the floor below the deck, where the sleeping bunks are kept for passengers. They might have gotten stuck due to the boat not having enough room on the second floor. It has also been known that there weren’t enough exits for them to leave. Although they do not have evidence expect photos for past passengers. Whatever the case might have been, investigators just want to find the cause of this incident so it could be prevented on other boats. The five that did survive told reporters and investigators that they were up on the deck of the boat. They are still going to give their testimony to help authorities.