Democrat lawmakers search for answers at Border detention facilities

Bianca Roman, Reporter

The past few months there has been a lot of media coverage about the detention centers, where refugees and immigrants from South America and Mexico are detained. While this has been going on Democrats have been taking trips to Mexico while going to the detention centers. The trips were authorized and happened in August. Although the trips were authorized, the Republican members say that they knew nothing about these trips to Mexico. They are now asking reports from these trips to Mexico. Republican members want to know why these trips were authorized for Democrat members. 

An Ohio representative was worried that the Democrats were messing with the border patrol officers, such as questioning their authority and their job efforts. The Democrats were faced with many questions as to why they took trips to Mexico and what they learned from the trips. Ohio representative, Jim Jordan, asked all of the questions and even asked for a detailed itinerary from Democrats. Jordan also brought up the point that Veronica Escobar, who is a representative of Texas, also went; although, she was not a part of the committee. 

That is when the question as to why Escobar went on that trip to Mexico on August 21st was made. Although Representative Jordan said that they didn’t know anything about the trips to Mexico, it is said that five days prior to the trip, his staff was informed and were even invited to join the trip. All this information was sent as a letter to Representative Jordan. This letter then became obtained by a news source. The reason as to why they took these trips was because the committee wanted to see the housing shelters and the conditions immigrants are staying in. These shelters are located in Mexico for immigrants who were either sent back from the United States or were denied asylum. When they went there, they wanted to get to know some of the people who were denied asylum in the United States. These people come from either Mexico or different parts of South America, they try to come into the United States looking for asylum, but in the border of Texas they have been completely close to them. The members wanted to help some of these people so that explains the trips.