The Death of a Disney Star

Nadia Perez, Reporter

During the summer of 2019 a child star, Cameron Boyce, who was only 20 years old had passed away on July 6, 2019 due to a seizure. Cameron was struggling with an ongoing medical condition called epilepsy. He was very secretive about it and only his family knew. Cameron’s mom, Libby Boyce, had said that he had his first seizure when he was 17 and that they only occured in his sleep. On the day of his passing he was found unresponsive by his roommate and best friend, Karan Barar. The two recently moved in with each other only a month ago with one of their other closest friends, Sophia Reynolds. Apparently Cameron had gone to take a nap and never woke up.

\All of Cameron’s co stars had spoke about him and all are very devastated by the death of their beloved friend. This young star was a Disney actor and received his first big role as Luke Ross on the show, Jessie. Cameron was also on one of the hit movies Descendants, and was in all 3 sequels playing Carlos de Vil. Their movie was going to be the last Disney project he was working. He planned on going onto more mature projects that he had already started. The premiere of Descendants 3 was something Boyce was looking forward to. After the announcement of his death Disney had cancelled that premiere and instead decided to donate the money to a foundation that Cameron was a huge part of which was called “The Cameron Boyce Foundation”.

This foundation helps get clean water to countries that don’t have any in reach. It also helps with gun violence that Cameron was trying to stop. Cameron often spent a lot of his time with helping out the community. He was awarded the Pioneering Spirit award for the Thirst Projects. A popular quote that Cameron said that was also part of his acceptance speech “ We all go… what you leave should be bigger than you” . All of his co stars and family had said Cameron definitely was an angel and they proceed to continue his legacy in what he believed in. His family is still grieving and remembering their sons wonderful life and what he did to help out with the world. They will remember his mark on others and pass it on. May he Rest In Peace.