The shutdown of the San Bernardino Animal Shelter leads to a large protest of angry citizens who want to save the animals

Viviann Luna, Reporter

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The San Bernardino Animal Shelter is being shut down and if no animals get adopted by the time they shut down all of the animals will be euthanized. However, according to NBC these are just rumors and they will not be euthanizing all of the animals. After hearing this, a lot of people freaked out because the dogs who don’t get adopted in time will be euthanized. This means that they won’t be euthanizing all of them just the ones that didn’t get adopted. Unfortunately, the shelter shut down on May 7th, but many people did hear this news so they did go and adopt some animals. Sadly, not all were adopted. Thankfully, though, the Riverside County Animal Shelter helped by taking the animals and moving those who were not adopted in time to their shelter. Shelter supporters have fought the San Bernardino City Council and even accused both, San Bernardino and Riverside County, of prioritizing profits over animal welfare. But, they still fought against them to save the animals. There was even an emotional hearing leading up to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors’ decision. From Actrice Desert Sun, it states, “In the days before the Riverside supervisors were scheduled to vote to ratify the contract, rumors and smears circulated on social media about backroom dealings and animals potentially being euthanized. When the time finally came to decide on the contract, none of the five supervisors forwarded a motion, so no vote occurred. The contract could be reconsidered if one of the supervisors reintroduces the agenda item in the future.” Many people came with signs saying “Save the Pets” and “Riverside Pets First.”   


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