Two-year-old boy is left in critical condition after being shot

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Two-year-old boy is left in critical condition after being shot

Cristian Juarez, Reporter

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    A two year old boy, who was accompanied by his mother, was fatally shot at a Houston Park. The boy is fighting for his life in the hospital after suffering two shots. The incident was said to have taken place around 5:25 pm on Saturday.

    The young boy and the mother were attending a party at Harviland Park. The suspect was said to have been in a gray vehicle when he got out and started shooting at the red car when the boy and mother were inside according to witnesses.

    ABC author Emily Shapiro quotes Finner who said, “Pray for that young baby and that mother and that entire family.” The boy and the mother’s identity are hidden to keep them safe.

   The young boy was said to be in critical condition when he was rushed to a hospital.

   Finner is very irritated and worried as he quotes, “The best thing you can do is turn yourself in because I guarantee you, we’re gonna get you in custody.” Seeing how he responds, it seems that he will try to do everything in his power to help find the suspect.

   He also had urged anyone with any form of information to contact the police or him.


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