Music’s advancement over the years

Jasmine Santos, Reporter

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   Music takes on a big part of our lives since I can remember. It has been around for over 55,000 years back to when homo sapiens were believed to have developed modern behavioral characteristics. The first genre of music that was ever known to mankind was classical music. Music is found in every known culture from the past up until now, the present. In the nineteen-hundredths, music was dominated by jazz, blues, and traveling dance bands who played what was popular, during that time.

   Music changing over time had a lot to do with our technology evolving. So a lot of new ways to conduct and play music come from minor to major improvements with the delivery system. Most instruments from ancient times were percussion, strings, or some sort of flute or horn. During that time, they all had a limited range, the instruments were not tuned to a certain pitch and didn’t stay in tune. The twentieth century brought in advances in popular music. Instruments like the guitar, bass, and piano were electrified and amplified. When the microphone was invented, it amplified vocals and improved broadcasting and recording. Recording gave people the chance to own the music or songs themselves instead of having to attend a show or concert making it easier to listen to artists, bands, music groups. etc.

Then came copyright, this allowed artists to earn money off the rights to their music. The late twentieth century brought in digital recording, sampling, and musical instrument digital interface which effectively did away with the need for instruments.


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