Gun aboard Delta Air Lines

Bianca Roman, Reporter

On a Delta Air Lines flight that was traveling from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta to Tokyo, a passenger was able to carry a gun on to the flight. The agency did not release a statement saying whether the gun was loaded or not.  This incident happened on January third but the statement was just released on January 13, exactly ten days after. Almost all the time these incidents do not occur because the Transportation Security Administration, mostly known for being called TSA, stop these type of incidents. They make sure that everyone getting on a plane is checked to not be carrying any weapons or dangerous object that can harm anyone.

Passengers pass under an x-ray scanner so that they won’t be carrying anything that they are not supposed to be. Even bags and luggage are checked for the safety of everyone.  At the moment the TSA screeners are not getting paid due to the government shut down that is still ongoing. The TSA screeners are on the fourth week without pay. There have as well been TSA screeners that are no longer showing up to work due to the government shutdown, but it is said that was not the case here. Actually, the TSA checkpoint had a full staff. TSA claims that the passenger passing a gun through the TSA check on to a plane has nothing to do with the ongoing government shutdown. They also claim that they will keep on working because TSA workers are to be considered essential and are meant to ensure safety.  

TSA has determined standard procedures were not followed and a passenger did, in fact, pass through a standard screening TSA checkpoint with a firearm,” this is from a statement that was released by the agency.  The passenger that carried the firearm on to the flight had Japan’s authorities waiting upon landing and two TSA workers were fired for letting this occur. It was said that the passenger was cooperative with authorities.