Left and right’s views on migrant caravan

Samantha Acueto, Reporter

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The migrant caravan is getting a lot of mixed views as Democrats and Republicans once again bump heads. The left claim that the migrant caravan is only seeking asylum. Democrats also think that the use of tear gas is an unnecessary use of force and is considered dehumanizing and cruel.  The media has shown images of defenseless children also getting injured as a result of the use of tear gas. It is argued that such violent force should have never been used in the first place near them. Why seek refuge specifically in the United States? The U.S is financially striving and would be the best place for the families to reside. The border control situation is seemingly criminalizing humans who just want a safe place to call home for their families with children.

The Republican point of view it is argued that the way the caravan seeking asylum is completely wrong and illegal because they are getting increasingly violent. That the way-seeking asylum works are that you cannot skip over countries to get to another. In the event of seeking refuge, you go to the nearest country which in this case might be Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, or Nicaragua. And if the United States were to open up the borders, there would be this surge of taxes on behalf of refugees being homeless and jobless. Also, among the claim it’s a peaceful march may not be so peaceful as the marchers can be found attacking, throwing rocks, and verbally abusing the Mexico police and charging the border.  Amongst the migrants, there were a convicted murderer and gang members were found inside the group.

Things in life are not always black in white so there’s not always a right answer. The harming of children and dehumanizing a race is unjust but so is putting a country in danger because there was enough time to screen everyone who was coming through.

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