Michael Myers’ return in the new Halloween movie

Enrique Baltazar, Reporter

Michael Myers is one the most iconic villains from all horror movies. Halloween (2007) is about a boy named Michael Myers who kills everyone who comes across his path. The movie starts off on Halloween with Myers in his room playing with his pet rat while he has a mask on. He goes downstairs to eat breakfast and while he eats his breakfast his step dad ridicules him and calls Myers names for wearing a mask.

Next he goes to school and when he is in the school restroom, two of the school bullies come into the restroom and start a fight with Myers. The principal walks in and breaks up the fight. Myers is outside the principal’s office when his mother is called to come in and pick him up. When his mother shows up she is greeted by the principal and also a therapist, Samuel Loomis. Meyers’ mother is talking to the principal and he talks about what he found in her son’s bag. In the bag was a dead cat and pictures of other small dead animals. Loomis then suggests that Myers should go into therapy because killing small animals can lead to more problematic things, such as murder.

During the conversation, Myers slips out to get revenge on one of the bullies who had fought him. He waits for the bully outside of the school and follows him into the woods. Myers then hits him repeatedly with a log of wood until the bully dies. When he goes home that night he acts as if nothing ever happened and waits for his sister to take him trick or treating.

When they return Meyers finds his stepdad asleep on the couch and his sister goes up stairs with her boyfriend. He tapes his stepdad onto the recliner and kills him by slitting his neck with a kitchen knife.

Later that night, his sister’s boyfriend walks downstairs, where Myers is. He begins to beat him with a bat until he has a seizure and eventually dies. Myers goes upstairs and stabs his sister; she tries to run out but falls in front of their baby sister’s room. He catches up to her and stabs her continuously as their baby sister watches. He grabs her from her crib and carries her outside to the front porch where they sit and wait for their mom to come home.

When their mom arrives, she calls the police and Myers is taken into custody and is later transferred into an insane asylum. His mother visits him at this asylum one day and as she is about to leave, Myers stabs a nurse in the neck with a fork. His mother goes home and begins watching old homemade movies of Myers and his sisters. The camera zooms out and we see she has a gun in her hand. She kills herself and the baby begins to cry. The movie then fast forwards 15 years later where we see Myers in the asylum meeting with his therapist. Loomis states that he has not spoken in 25 years and that he can no longer be his therapist.