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Nike under fire after the release of ad campaign featuring Kaepernick

Cole Marullo, Reporter

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People going crazy after Nike had an ad campaign with former 49ners quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick tweeted a photo of his face and the phrase, “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. #JustDoIt.”  There was also a video that was played during the NFL season opener Thursday evening. The ad also got praised for having other athletes such as Tennis Champ Serena Williams and Basketball Star Lebron James.

President Trump, however, had a negative response to the ad, questioning “what was Nike thinking?”. The President’s tweet received a lot of backlash from other big celebrities. Golf phenomenon, Tiger Woods was asked about his relationship with President Trump but, responded to the ad saying that it’s important to “respect the office”, also adding that the ad is a “beautiful spot”.

Celebrities aren’t the only ones responding to this ad, it also got a Missouri college to drop Nike because of the message of the campaign. The private Christian college claims their reason for dropping Nike was because they choose “country over company”. The college also said that they are planning on removing every Nike uniform and anything with a Nike logo on campus.

Kaepernick had become the eye of backlash since 2016 after the former quarterback did not stand for the National Anthem during a 49’ers game. The football star chose to kneel instead, in hopes to raise awareness about police brutality against African- Americans and other racial injustices. Because of this, many Americans have questioned Kaepernick’s race, questioning “… just how black is he?” Since the national anthem controversy, other players in the NFL have also chosen to kneel during the anthem to show support for their fellow player, and take a stand against police brutality in America. 

Many Americans across the country have shown their own form of protest against the company by burning and cutting up Nike products with the hashtag #NikeBoycott.  Some have even hurt themselves in the process of trying to damage or destroy their products. Cause of this, people have also been making memes of the ad by creating their own pictures mimicking the ad all over the internet. All of this talk has not stopped Nike, however from increasing 31% in sales in spite of all the controversy. 


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Nike under fire after the release of ad campaign featuring Kaepernick