Link Crew creates memories for class of 2022 at 2nd annual freshman luau


Link Crew poses after another successful freshman event.

Alyssa Wilborn, Reporter

Colton High’s link crew advisor Micheal Esquivel along with his link crew leadership hosted the 2nd annual Freshman Luau on August 16th. The event took place in the Mcintosh Gym, from 6pm-8pm.

The purpose of the Luau is to make the incoming freshman feel more welcomed because coming into a new environment with new people can be pretty nerve-wracking. The Luau also served a purpose for the freshman to meet other students from campus and overall to have fun for a night.

The freshman, as well as Link Crew leaders, played a series of different games such as rock paper scissors, bowling, musical chairs, and danced the night away.

Some of the games played came with a twist like rock paper scissors. Both players must hop to each other then the winner of that game would hop all the way to the next opponent until there was only one freshman standing. When it came down to dancing, everyone was having a great time. There were definitely many laughs shared between everyone.

Link Crew also provided the freshman with free food/snacks. Everyone who attended the luau had the option of eating a hot dog and some chips or even just the chips alone along with a drink. While everyone ate, the freshman had gotten an opportunity to get to know each other. Afterward, that’s when the so-called “Dance battles” began till the end of the luau (8 p.m.).

This event didn’t however, have as many freshmen attend like the 1st annual freshman fiesta. This was something you didn’t want to miss, especially as a freshman you want to try and let loose and learn how to meet new people.