Kanye West stirring up controversy for himself

Jesse Gonzales, Reporter

Lately Kanye West has been all up in the news because of his recent tweets and interviews. Many people have lost support for the him. On a recent interview with TMZ, Kanye had a rage and went off on the staff working there. He made a comment about slavery, “slavery went on for 400 years, that’s a choice.” He’s saying that the 400+ years of slavery for African Americans that happened in the past, was all their choice. After he said that at the TMZ office, the internet was flooded with the quote. Many people who were supportive of Kanye quickly abandoned him by saying they “Miss the old Kanye.”  

Also, another incident that occurred, was when Kanye recently tweeted a photo with himself wearing the Make America Great Again hat, in support of Donald Trump. 17 minutes after posting the photo, he had lost about 10 million followers.