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US Pentagon realeases traumatic video to public

Brian Navarro, Reporter

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A traumatic video has aired the news and was released by the United States Pentagon for the world to avail. This video was a gruesome scene of ISIS propaganda to portray the devilish motivations.

In October 2017, four United States troops stationed in Niger, Africa were on route to an assigned location. They were going on a light and low risk patrol in Tongo Tongo when suddenly they ran right into conflict with an ISIS militant group. They were easily outnumbered, as there were only 11 of them fighting a mini jihad army of 30. Shots were fired as they tried to avoid impact by throwing red smoke and hiding behind a moving vehicle as they were making there way to safety. The strategy did not work, Staff Sergeant Bryan Black, Staff Sergeant Jeremiah Johnson, Staff Sergeant Justin Wright, and Seargent La David Johnson were all killed in the event. The nine minute video was taken off a GoPro of U.S. soldier. After all the soldiers were struck by the deadly shots, ISIS approaches to the camera and shoots the soldiers again at point blank range while their dead bodies lie on the desert sand. There is clear evidence that depicts that the soldiers were mutilated.

President Trump went on with his offensive tweets as he quoted to the widow of Sgt. Johnson, “he knew what he signed up for.” This was an idiotic and insensitive comment made by the unqualified President. We send our prayers to the families of the lives lost in the event.

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US Pentagon realeases traumatic video to public