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Bootleg booze market under investigation in Indonesia

Brian Navarro, Reporter

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Police in Indonesia are currently in an investigation to find out who is behind the booze that has killed at least 86 people due to its toxicity. It was obviously illegally produced but by who? Deaths have been recorded from all several different regions around Indonesia, some even in the capital city of Jakarta. 141 on top of the 86 have checked them self into the emergency room with symptoms of alcohol poisoning. The alcohol is sold and made illegally and they receive the same consumers time and time again but this time the concentration of the alcohol was deadly. The dirty business is being ran and operated like an underground narcotics network, as alcohol has became illegal from most stores and markets nationwide.

In the past, bootleg alcohol was considered to be alcohol mixed with any drinks, but now the mixture has changed from carbonated drinks to now insect repellents. At least 17 of the alleged alcohol producers have been arrested, some themselves ended up being sick in the hospital. Chemist found antifreeze and other solvents in the alcohol. Some of the suspects came clean and confessed to their deadly mixtures. Police believe that this business is bigger than just 17 people. They believe this business is bigger than them and they will continue to investigate. The suspects behind the illegal merchandise can be incarcerated for a lifetime sentence. This is not the first this has occurred, the fate of alcohol in Indonesia is rapidly declining.


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Bootleg booze market under investigation in Indonesia