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Top 10 Freshman, Future Leaders of Colton High

Kimberly Castellanos, Reporter

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Last Tuesday Renaissance held the Academic Assembly announcing Top 10 of each class.

But I’d like to focus more on the Freshmen Top 10. Our Freshmen Top 10: Isaiah Duran, Gilberto Puga, Daniela Villegas, Kimberly Castellanos, Marlene Moreno, Rosaisela Pena, Elijah Salazar, Mariela Castanada, Ashley Chavarria, and Diego Ramirez. I had really enjoyed the play that Renaissance had put together and thought it was a really creative way to use the theme of Back To The Future. It was good to be able to go up on stage with my peers and friends that made Top 10. Though there were some problems here and there. One was the misspelling of my last name of my certificate that they have already informed me that they will replace. Another was the crowd of the second assembly being rude and talking during the play. I’m sure that Renaissance was under enough pressure as it was having to of put this together and be doing a play in front of the entire school. I must give a big thank you to them for doing so well I don’t think it could of been any better.


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Top 10 Freshman, Future Leaders of Colton High