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Dreamers aren’t giving up hope for their status in America

Brian Navarro, Reporter

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In the past few weeks, Donald trump has made some heavy claims on how DACA is now considered “dead” in his eyes. There is still a glimpse of hope for the dreamers from statistics within several other political parties. Since the start of the year, the Trump administration has already approved tens of thousands of DACA applications and renewals. It is still an ongoing legal fight in California. At least 55,000 DACA activists have been approved through the Trump administration, with a rounded total of about 138,470 on renewals for the dreamers.

Trump first announced the end to DACA in September. U.S. District judges have postponed the process until this very day leaving dreamers with slight hope and faith in their educational journey. Of the 60,000 DACA applications received by Trump, about fifty percent were accepted and approved. Many California attorneys are celebrating for the late approvals made by the President. “The dreamers will only help build a better America,” says Xavier Becerra. The National Immigration Law Center has recently said the fight for dreamers is not even close to its end. Trump’s deportation program is continuing to terrorize through towns day by day leaving families forever damaged. Not all dreamers are protected equally which is why the fear only grows larger.

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Dreamers aren’t giving up hope for their status in America