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AVID sophomores bring in informing presentations for college fair, the best one yet!

Aneesa Arana, Sports Desk

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On March 8th, Class of 2020 sophomores teamed up with each other to present their college of choice. About three months ago, the sophomore AVID teacher, Urban, assigned a college fair project which would count as a large percentage of our grade. This project was meant for the students to further educate themselves on the information for UC’s, Cal States, and privates.  Many of the students chose popular and well known schools. Students for AVID prepared for three months to perfect their projects, many of us took the time to ask older students about the way they were going to be graded and how the fair resulted last year.

All of these project came out great, the end product was incredible. As a student of AVID, I was so happy to see my whole class for AVID coming together to create an amazing college fair. I’ve been in AVID since seventh grade and to see my class grow together because of AVID is fantastic. Our loving teachers showed their enthusiasm by attending the fair: Levine, Cabrera, Cisneros, Cedillo, and many more! Lots of our teachers gave us time to work on our projects, this was a big help for us to put on the finishing touches for our projects.

Students met in Urban’s classroom during the passing period for third to gather all their belongings. We then started setting up, which was very overwhelming but eventually we got things done. We all finished relatively early, just in time for the first lunch students to come view our projects. My group, New York University got about sixty students during first lunch, we had students also playing a game of cup pong and treats were served for their time. An even larger crowd came during second lunch, which caused us to work a bit harder during our presentations. At the end of the day, we began packing up, we were all exhausted but the project was definitely worth it. We went back to Urban’s room to have a talk; his words of wisdom made us feel like we did a great job for the fair.

This brought the class of 2020 AVID students together, we all worked extremely hard to make Urban and Goldkorn proud. The 2018 AVID College Fair was a huge success, it made up for the fact that we had to do a large project! We were all so glad to have presented and we thank you as a whole for spending your time to view our projects during the lunches. We love all the teachers and their encouragement. If you are interested in AVID, I would suggest applying! Not only does the AVID program help you prepare for college, it brings the students closer together as a family and you will definitely make a great amount of friends. We will be going on our AVID road trip around to different colleges, we know in fact that this will bring us even closer. Thank you to everyone who came out to see us!

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AVID sophomores bring in informing presentations for college fair, the best one yet!