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The Florida shooting aftermath is leading the way for change across America

Kimberly Castellanos, Reporter

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Ever since the Florida school shooting, there have been a number of school walkouts, gun control arguments, talk of wanting to arm teachers, and just more talk in general about our protection at school. I think it’s about time that people are finally talking and forcing people to talk about it because if we don’t know then when? In past school shooting or other mass shooting, we were told that it was too soon to talk about gun control because it was being inconsiderate to the families and friends of the people we had lost. Something that was heard often from politicians and other people that have the power to change gun control laws is “ thoughts and prayers”. They never took action, they said their piece and left, they did nothing.

We cannot let this happen again, just because it didn’t happen to us doesn’t mean it can’t. Just recently the over a dozen families of victims of the Florida school shooting have reported receiving regular death threats since the shooting. To think they have just lost loved ones and are now receiving death threats. Just how bad can this country get? No one deserves this kind of treatment when they have just lost a loved one. They deserve to be supported and receiving help during their times of need not hate. I cannot understand why people would treat other so bad especially in times after a mass shooting.

School walkouts have been reported all over the US. Generation Z is taking control now and we will not be silenced. We are over being told that it’s too soon to talk about gun control because it is now that we must take action. We are not going to let people just forget and only “remember” at the next mass shooting. Some might think that we are too young to do something but it’s not like anyone else is and just like we have been showing in our walkouts we are not just waiting around for something to change we are going to be the change because no one else seems willing too. This is for everyone we have lost in mass shootings. We won’t forget.

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The Florida shooting aftermath is leading the way for change across America