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Man takes his life after causing four vehicle accident

Brian Navarro, Reporter

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A man tragically killed him set just after causing a four vehicle car accident. The event took place just North of Houston, Texas on a Sunday evening around 4:30 pm. The man who has took his own life has yet to be identified. What seemed odd was the car crash seemed like it was premeditated, as after driving on a highway turned on to a back street. This street consisted of incoming traffic only. He rammed into 3 different vehicles until finally coming to a stop. The victims of the accident say that he walked out of his car to check on them and later entered his vehicle when seconds later he shot himself. Only one shot was fired but that is certainly enough to take a life. One victim Ryan Boyd said he had head on collision with the man, which is why he seems to think this was a deliberate action, that was meant to harm. The victims anxiously waited for authorities to arrive but they never saw the man get out of his car which made them suspicious. The motive as to why the man took his own life is still under investigation. They will look into his past and present to hopefully find out a reason on why these actions were taken.

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Man takes his life after causing four vehicle accident