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Government shutdown leads to chaos in White House

Brian Navarro, Reporter

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The Government has recently suffered a brutal shutdown. President Donald Trump and his colleagues have embraced a lot of backlash on their intermediate actions. Before the shutdown, the focus was on negotiations over DACA. The president had several reversal thoughts which lead to a chaotic mishap at the white house. There are several critical issues to recognize why this occurred and who is to blame, Schumer or Trump. Either way, it happened and the price will be paid.

The fundamental answer to this all is that the Republicans in charge of all three government branches could not manage to enact into a single law of the dozen spending bills. The Government continued to kick away a fiscal budget granted which led to this massive shut down, which has triggered the minds of Americans throughout the country.  When the deadline of January 19 for that CR neared, we got the showdown that led to the shutdown, and ultimately to a fourth continuing resolution, which will end on February 8. They have found four methods to fix our fiscal budget issue with spending, but it is how we tackle the situation that really counts. The comments of several secretaries and DACA concerns has us all on our heels on what will happen next.

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Government shutdown leads to chaos in White House