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Cyber Monday Becoming a Convenience for this Year’s Holiday Shoppers

Brian Navarro, Reporter

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Cyber monday, an annual holiday following a busy weekend out shopping for black friday. Cyber monday is far more convenient and feasible for the consumer. This year’s Cyber monday sales seemingly topped the rest. As if every year we are given better deals. Online cyber sales and order confirmations skyrocketed. Big winners on this holiday of spending, included Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Walmart, etc. As of monday morning, Americans had spent nearly fourteen billion dollars online since Thanksgiving day. The deals must have been there to see the numbers and shopping be this extraordinary. Rival companies had compared numbers and there were some upsets within the industry; like rivals, Kohl’s and JCpenney.

Amazon is said to have sold over 200,000 toys in the first five hours of the holiday. Amazon’s best selling item included the Amazon Echo and also pressure cookers even DNA test machines. This year’s black friday and cyber monday became a record breaking time for Amazon as numbers soared higher than previous years. As cyber monday sales rise, in store physical sales have dropped a near 2%. Overall, holiday spending is said to increase 4% and rise to a grand total of 680 billion dollars. The numbers seem well of but now retailers face a real challenge to make sure all shipments make it in time for the holidays. There are items that are backordered. The amount of seasonal workers hired is tremendous.

Christmas is the cause of all these enormous amounts of spending. So now we can only hope everyone has a very joyful christmas and that they are satisfied with their gifts and arrival time.

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Cyber Monday Becoming a Convenience for this Year’s Holiday Shoppers