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Two Brothers Stabbed in the Mall of America

Kimberly Castellanos, Reporter

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Just recently on November 12th, there was a stabbing at the Mall of America. Two brothers ages 19 and 25 were stabbed at the hands of Mahad Abdirahman, who is 20 years old. Mahad had been previously diagnosed with schizophrenia last year. Mahad had also spent most of this year in state psychiatric care. This is not the first time that he has harmed someone, he actually stabbed a hospital’s psychiatrists with a pen and was physically restrained then sent to the intensive care unit at the Hennepin County Medical Center where he had been admitted to their psychiatric unit in October last year after having a mental health crisis. He’d only been hospitalized for a short time before for mental illness and prescribed medication but had stopped taking it and it was three days later the accident took place. He faced criminal assault charges in that case too.

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Two Brothers Stabbed in the Mall of America