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Many in Puerto Rico left devastated after hurricane Maria

Savanah Dunn, Reporter

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After a long day at work, or school, you must look forward to going home and seeing your family. You go home to a nice meal, maybe even watch a little bit of TV. Imagine all of that vanishing in the blink of an eye.

Well, that is how it is today in Puerto Rico. After the hurricane Maria, it has left 3.41 million people devastated. Hurricane Maria is a category 4 hurricane, with 150 mph winds. The entire island is full of rain and flooding water. Little bits of generators are providing some electricity on the island for main buildings like hospitals or some shelters, but many places are left without basic necessities. Most of the island people are left with no running water, lights, or a secluded place to bathe in privacy. There is no fuel for the people’s cars or food for stranded families. There are 60% of people in Catano, Puerto Rico homeless due to the extreme hurricane. It will take years for the island to recover and get back into shape after the hurricane. Many people still don’t even know that Puerto Rico has no power at all. A way to help the people/children in Puerto Rico would be to click the link and donate.

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Many in Puerto Rico left devastated after hurricane Maria