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Fake suicide story raises social media questions

Rebecca Escamilla, Photographer

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Do you think it’s right for someone to fake their own suicide just for attention? Is this what someone has to do in order to get attention from others? Well, that’s what one fangirl did on Sunday, August 20th. I’m going to call this girl Jess.

On Sunday night, a fan account for the band called Why Don’t We uploaded that her friend, Jess, had committed suicide. There was a hashtag made for her. This hashtag went trending all around the fandom. Some would say it had impacted the fandom. Basically this was all the fandom talked about on Sunday night. But on Monday morning, someone had proof that Jess was alive. Jess was tweeting out on twitter to a celebrity. Someone had noticed it and tweeted at her. She immediately changed her username. Jess, then, was lying to that person who had asked about her. That’s when it was announced on a fanpage that her death was faked just for attention.

I asked two fan accounts what they thought of the situation. My question was “What did you first think about when Jess “committed suicide”? I will keep their names private, so i will refer to them as fan account 1 and fan account 2.

Fan account 1 said “I was so sad and I wanted to know why she would do something like that”. Fan account 2 said “I felt horrible. She was so young and she had her whole life ahead of her.” My second question is “How did you feel when you found out it was faked?” Fan account 1 said “I felt disappointed, angry that someone could make a mockery out of suicide.” Fan account 2 said “I was mad because lots of people cared and wrote nice things.” I asked one last question: “How would you react if it wasn’t faked? What if she really did take her own life?” Fan account 1 responded, “I would have been sad even though we never knew each other. She still would have taken her life and that would have been awful.” Fan account 2 said, “I’ll feel sorry & horrible for his family members who have to go through that pain.” I did not have the chance to talk to Jess because she never did answer me.

Jess eventually did come out and gave an apology. She said that it was an attention stunt just for the band members to notice her. She asked everyone to forget about the situation, and to forgive her for what she did. Everyone was saying how she deserved a second chance. They also said that everything would be OK if she doesn’t pull another stunt like that. Jess was relieved that she can, now, forget about all about the situation.

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Fake suicide story raises social media questions